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Auto Detailing News and Tips , Issue #007, June 2014, Applying vinyl dressing.
June 01, 2014 Issue #7

Welcome to the seventh issue of the e-zine! Each month we will be providing tips and product reviews to help make the detailing process easier for you. If you have a picture of your latest detailing project we invite you to submit it with a small description of your process and products used for the job.

In this issue I will be talking a little bit about vinyl dressing. Vinyl dressing tends to have a bit of a reputation of being greasy, leaves the interior vinyl looking too shiny, and is messy to apply. For these reasons, the dressing step is sometimes avoided during the detailing process. Vinyl dressing is a step that shouldn’t be avoided as it offers protection.

Think of dressing like sunscreen for your skin. The sun’s ultra violet rays can do damage to your skin if it isn’t protected. This is also true for your vehicles vinyl and leather. When the interior vinyl has been cleaned with an all purpose cleaner, it is not only removing dirt, spills etc. It is also removing the oils out of the plastic, which can dry it out. Over time, sun exposure can cause the vinyl/leather to crack.

A quality dressing will bring your leather/vinyl back to new looking condition.

There are fantastic products out there for your vehicle’s interior that not only condition them to look like new again, but also provide u.v. protection. Very important. There are 2 different types of dressings, water based and petroleum based. If you can, go with a water based one. Myself, I don’t care too much for the dressings that leave everything greasy, and overly shiny. In my opinion it cheapens the look of an interior. These are characteristics of many petroleum based vinyl care products. Quite often they have a strong smell, and really attract dust.

However, there are products available that offer the protection needed but leave a rich looking low gloss finish. Many are not greasy and have very little to no scent.

One of my all time favorite dressings is by a company called 303®. Their product, 303 Aerospace Protectant® is very easy to apply. It has no scent, dries non greasy, and provides a rich, low gloss finish. It is also safe to use on leather seats. In my opinion, after application, the vinyl/leather gloss level looks very similar to what you would find in a new vehicle.

Vinyl dressing can be applied with a small sponge, applicator pad, or a clean dry cloth. It is well worth it to include the vinyl dressing step in your interior detailing routine. Doing so will ensure your vinyl and leather will stay looking its best for a very long time.

How about a quote?

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Until next month, thanks for reading our ezine #7.

Drive careful and enjoy our summer after a long hard winter.

See you next month.

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