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Auto Detailing News and Tips , Issue #002, January 2014, Car Soap Review.
January 01, 2014 Issue #2

Welcome to the second issue of the e-zine! Each month we will be providing tips and product reviews to help make the detailing process easier for you. If you have a picture of your latest detailing project we invite you to submit it with a small description of your process and products used for the job. Each issue we will choose one submission to be showcased in this e-zine!

This month I will be talking about car wash soap. A common mistake people make when washing their vehicle at home is to use dish soap. Why not use dish soap? It cleans well and produces great suds, it should be fine, right? Wrong!

Dish soap is bad for automotive paint because it strips off all paint protection from the surface. If you have recently waxed your vehicle then washed with dish soap, say goodbye to your wax! Dish soap is designed to cut through greasy pots and pans quickly which means paint protection doesn't stand a chance.

In the last issue about choosing an all purpose cleaner, I mentioned there are dozens of choices available. This is true for car wash soap also, in fact there are even more choices! A good quality car soap is one that not only cleans the surface well, but provides good lubrication. When washing with a wash mitt, particles can get trapped between the mitt and the paint surface. The lubrication from the car wash soap will reduce the chances of the debris scratching the paint surface.

Some soaps are stronger than others, so its important to follow the manufacturers instructions and adjust as needed. Its important to use a soap that is designed to get your vehicle clean without removing wax.

Product Review: Chemical Guys Maxi Suds 2® car wash soap

Maxi Suds 2® is a highly concentrated car wash soap. 4-5 capfuls of this bright pink cherry scented soap will provide plenty of suds in a 5 gallon pail. The moment I put my hand in the wash bucket I could tell this product provides the lubrication needed for scratch free washing.

Compared to other soaps I have tried, Maxi Suds 2® isn’t the sudsiest soap I’ve ever used. That may be a turn off to some people that like lots of suds, however the lubrication and cleaning ability it provides makes this a great soap. What I like best about it is the fact that it takes so little product to wash a car. With the small 16 oz. bottle pictured above, I was able to wash my car once a week all summer long. I still have roughly 4 oz. of soap left in the bottle! For roughly 6 dollars per bottle, it’s a pretty good deal!

Detail of the Month

This months vehicle is a 2001 Honda Prelude SE. I had done some headlight polishing to this vehicle and was blown away by the dramatic transformation.

My tools for this job were the DeWalt 849 rotary polisher, Griots Garage 4 inch pads, Menzerna PO83, and SF4500 polishes, as well as Menzerna Power Lock Paint Sealant.

PICTURE #1 As you can see the lenses were very cloudy. Not only does it look bad, dull lenses can greatly affect headlight output.

I masked the area off so the buffing pad wouldn’t come in contact with the paint. I worked the polisher in a grid pattern, up and down, left and right. The results came quickly!

PICTURE #2 After just a few minutes of polishing, there was a very dramatic change!


PICTURE #4 Good as new! Once the polishing was complete, I sealed them with paint sealant to ensure long lasting protection.

Next Issue

Next month I will be discussing carpet cleaning and doing a review on a handy little Bissell® carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Detailing Tip:

For the winter season, how about removing those fabric style floor mats. They are probably partly frozen, covered in ice, dirty and damp or downright wet on the flip side.

See if you can find rubber mats with deep grooves that will hold moisture in the channels. Those deep grooves also help to keep pant legs out of the moisture.

Rubber mats are easy to clean at the car wash and they dry quickly.

Some manufacturers custom fit rubber floor maps for each make and model of vehicle. These mats can also be custom colored to match the interior of your vehicle. Custom cutting and color matching usually means high quality materials are used and the price will reflect this quality.

Driving Tip:

Here we are at the end of December the last month of 2013. Winter has settled in for the long haul here in Red Deer Alberta. With lots of snow and slippery driving conditions almost every day, the body shops are full with some of them booked two weeks ahead. Guess what type of collision they are seeing the most??

Rear end collisions.

For the new year, slow down, leave enough space between you and the vehicle ahead.

Happy New Year.

Bob and Chris

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