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Auto Detailing News and Tips , Issue #005, April 2014, Cleaning Auto Glass.
March 31, 2014 Issue #5

Welcome to the fifth issue of the e-zine! Each month we will be providing tips and product reviews to help make the detailing process easier for you. If you have a picture of your latest detailing project we invite you to submit it with a small description of your process and products used for the job.

This month is all about windows! Cleaning windows is probably one of the least liked parts of auto detailing. Until someone invents self cleaning glass, we are stuck doing the job ourselves! All we can do is figure out a way to make the process as easy as possible.

The most frustrating part of window cleaning is streaks. I’ve used plenty of glass cleaners that promise streak free results, only to find the glass looked worse than before I started. The cloth you use can play a part in streaking as well. I prefer micro fiber cloths myself, but other people like terry towels, paper towels, newspaper, etc.

Another cause for ugly looking windows is cleaning them in direct sunlight. Don’t do it. The cleaner will dry too quickly and cause smearing. Working in damp conditions also makes cleaning windows very difficult. For instance if its cool outside and raining, its not easy to get the glass to buff dry. When wiping a window don’t stop in the middle, always finish wiping in a corner of the glass. Start in a corner and finish in a corner. This ensures the entire surface of the glass has been cleaned.

When spraying cleaner on the glass try not to get any excess on the vinyl.

There are many brands of glass cleaner available to you. They come in both foaming and liquid versions. Some work better than others!

Personally I am not a fan of glass cleaners. I like to keep things simple by using water as a cleaner. I use 2 brand new micro fiber cloths to clean the window. One is wet and I use it to clean. Then I use the dry one to buff the glass until the moisture is gone. There are glass specific micro fiber cloths available which work well in reducing streaks. 9 times out of 10 the water method works great The only time there is an issue is when the glass is heavily coated in nicotine. When I’m faced with that, it usually requires going over the windows twice.

Product Review: Stoner Invisible Glass®

Invisible glass has been around for a long time and is a favorite amongst users. I’ve had mixed feelings about it myself as I have had success with it but also failures. If your windows are really dirty Invisible Glass will cut through the grime with ease and leave a clean scent behind.

In my experience with this product I have found that its success depends on how hot the temperature is outside. Even using brand new micro fiber cloths and working in the shade, if its too hot out there will be streaks. Maybe the results would have been better doing the windows inside a garage.

When the temperatures are nice though, I have found Invisible Glass does a fine job. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality cleaner. Just remember to use proper glass cleaning techniques, and avoid using it in extreme temperatures.

Next Issue:

Next month I will be discussing wax and what is needed to provide your paint with the protection it requires.

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