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Auto Detailing News and Tips , Issue #009, Aug 2014, Getting ready for the Big Show
August 04, 2014 Issue #9

Welcome to the ninth issue of the e-zine! Each month we will be providing tips and product reviews to help make the detailing process easier for you. If you have a picture of your latest detailing project we invite you to submit it with a small description of your process and products used for the job.

Summer is here! For the car fanatic, that means car show season! Show and shines are a great way to experience car culture in your area. From thousand dollar cars to high end exotics, its all about pride in your vehicle. After all the time spent detailing and polishing, why not show off your hard work at the local meet?

What I enjoy most is seeing how creative people can be with their vehicles. Whether it be color schemes, custom made parts, audio installs, the sky is the limit. Car shows are a great way to boost creativity if you are building a car of your own. In my opinion, the best shows are the ones that allow entrance of any make, model, and year of vehicle. I find shows that are limited to specific years and models are nice but seeing 50 identical cars in a row is not all that exciting!

Personally I believe when entering a car, you are displaying something you are very proud of. There are a few things I have witnessed quite often at shows that really takes away from the look of the vehicle. First off is bugs plastered on the front of the car and dirt in the wheel wells! Taking the time to wash the car before the show is important. Like I mentioned in issue#8, another eye sore is a super shiny vehicle with dirty brown tires! A little bit of tire dressing will do wonders to the appearance. Garbage scattered throughout the interior is another thing I see, that should not be on display in your show car. Simple steps before the show really help to make your vehicle look its best.

As you can see, you don’t need flawless paint and thousands of dollars invested into a vehicle to be able to draw a crowd at a show! So get out there, show off your hard work, meet people, and most importantly, have fun!

A look back at pick up trucks from a by gone era.

This '51 Merc took years to build. Awesome.

How about another quote?

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

Lou Holtz

Summer is here,and it is moving to fast. Get out and enjoy it before it is all gone.

Drive carefully.

Here is a quick reminder that we have a page on Pinterest with some of the most awesome pictures of cars,trucks and airplanes that we have ever seen on the web. Check 'em out. has started a "booth" on the website . Offering products related to the auto detailing industry;to the auto body repair and painting industry; and products for boats and motorcycles as well.

There are categories available for products that are not related to the auto industry but you are more then welcome to browse to see what is available.

Until next month, thanks for reading our ezine #9.

See you next month.

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