Types of
Auto Detailing Supplies

 Auto detailing supplies and boat detailing products help you keep your rides looking their best. Whether you have a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, Rv, or airplane, having a kit containing suitable detailing supplies is important. If you have your own auto detailing business, having quality products is paramount.

There are many different types of auto detailing supplies and equipment available to you. From interior, exterior, engine, and paint, the choices seem limitless. It will take some trial and error to find the products that are right for your needs.

Have A Great Story About This Topic?

What is the "Best" car care product you have ever used? What is the "Worst" car care product you have ever used. Share it with the world in words, pictures or both.

Have A Great Story About This Topic?

What is the "Best" car care product you have ever used? What is the "Worst" car care product you have ever used. Share it with the world in words, pictures or both.

Here is some general info on basic auto detailing supplies.


You need a car wash soap that has the ability to clean your vehicle without stripping off paint protection such as wax or sealant.

Wheel cleaners are also an important product to use but you must make sure its suitable for the type of wheel you are working on. Most cleaners will say on the label what finishes are safe to use the product on.

Wash brushes, wash mitts, and sponges are common auto detailing supplies used for exterior cleaning. Use caution when working with them as poor technique or abrasive cleaning tools can damage the paint finish.


There is a countless amount of waxes to choose from. Ranging from 10 dollars to several hundred dollars, they all have different capabilities. Its very important to do your research in order to find a wax to best suit your needs. You want one that is easy to use, provides a great shine, and most importantly provides lasting protection.

Its true you get what you pay for, however you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to find a high quality wax. There are many affordable quality waxes available.


Microfiber cloths are a great choice for interior detailing. They are fantastic for many surfaces, vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, and even glass.

Other types of cloths do well too but I have never been disappointed in the performance of a microfiber cloth!

Detailing brushes are necessary for getting dust, and debris out from tight spaces such as vents, cup holders, etc. Use caution when using brushes, certain ones are too coarse and can scratch interior finishes.


Having a vacuum designed for maximum cleaning power in a car is a must. A shop vac is very reliable and a great choice. Using different vacuum hose attachments will allow you to access small spaces and hard to reach spots. Your interior will always look its best!

A hot water extractor, (shampooer) is the best tool for getting your upholstery looking like new again. Heavy duty extractors are very expensive and usually only used by detailing businesses.

If you are needing one simply for your own car, Bissel makes a great compact one called the Auto Care Pro Heat. Its small but its perfect for those wanting to clean their vehicle once in a while at home.

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