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Jan 12, 2014

Top Auto Detailing Promotion and Ideas

Auto detailing promotion is absolutely necessary, but the Big 3 can break your budget. Get the best tips to maximize your advertising budget here.

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Oct 27, 2013

Auto Wax

Auto wax needs to be chosen carefully and applied carefully. You need to learn how to do both. Check us out right here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Oct 27, 2013

Auto Clay

Here is where you will learn what auto clay is for. How to use it. How to identify which of three types of clay bar you need and don't forget the lubricant.

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Oct 06, 2013

Nissan 240sx Project

MyAutoDetailingTips Nissan 240sx project car. From the beginning of the build to the end, follow our progress!

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Oct 06, 2013

Auto Detailing Business

Starting an auto detailing business requires some pretty important decision making. Here are some great tips to help you decide.

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Sep 24, 2013

Best Car Wax

The best car wax will aid you in protecting your car and in keeping your car looking brand new. Check us out in Red Deer, Alberta CA

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Sep 24, 2013

Boat Wax

Boat wax protects your boat like car wax protects your car, but it has one special attribute that car wax doesn't. Here are tips on how to wax your boat. Check us out in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Sep 16, 2013

How to Wax Cars

Knowing how to wax cars means that you can protect that car from everyday sources of damage and fading. Check us out right here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Sep 16, 2013

How to Polish Cars

Learning how to polish cars is one of the basics of car exterior maintenance and presentation. Check us out right here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Sep 15, 2013

Disclosure and Advertising

Our Disclosure and Advertising page outlines our rules for honest and fair business practices.

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Sep 06, 2013

Best Auto Tips and Resource Links

Auto Tips. For vehicle maintenance or buying tires. For buying or selling a vehicle, and for the latest tips on safe driving techniques, here are the best sources.

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Sep 02, 2013

Auto Upholstery Cleaning

Some upholstery stains are pretty scary. Here are some cool auto upholstery cleaning tips

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Sep 02, 2013

Auto Engine Detailing

auto engine detailing

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Sep 02, 2013

Auto Detailing Tips

Auto detailing tips to help you maintain both the value and appearance of you car. Check us out right here in Red Deer, Alberta Canada

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Sep 02, 2013

Auto Detailing Supplies

A leading supplier of auto detailing supplies, including waxes, soaps, clothes, and car vacuums. You have many choices when it comes to car detailing

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Sep 02, 2013

Top Inexpensive Detailing Promotion Tips

Avoid blowing your advertising budget. If you are looking for inexpensive detailing promotion tips and ideas, then we have what you are looking for.

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Aug 27, 2013

Big Rig Photos

Big rig photos focuses on the effort these owners put in to detailing their rides.

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Aug 18, 2013

About Us

About Us Page

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May 03, 2012

Winter Car Care

Winter car care tips to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of street and highway ice melting products..

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Apr 29, 2012

Winter Interior Care

Winter interior care is a challenge when it is so cold your fingers have a hard time moving. These tips will minimize damage to the interior and reduce clean up time next spring.

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Apr 29, 2012

Best Glass Cleaner

Here is a tip on probably the best glass cleaner we have ever used that will make your windows crystal clear.

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Apr 29, 2012

Your Best Job Ever and Where to Find It

The best job is the one that sets you on fire and this is where you will find it.

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Apr 29, 2012

Boat Detailing Products

Boat detailing products can protect every part of your boat from damage and fading. Check us out right here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Apr 29, 2012

Car Detailing Kits

Car detailing kits help you protect your car from the damage that it can sustain on a daily basis. Check us out here in Red Deer, Alberta CA

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Apr 29, 2012

Detailing Equipment

If you are a do-it-yourself type or running a detail shop, having the right detailing equipment is mandatory. Check out our list.

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Apr 29, 2012

Windshield Treatment

A commercial windshield treatment will help visability in heavy rain, snow and slushy driving conditions. These are some of the best tips for applying treatments.

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Apr 29, 2012

black car wax

Black car wax. How to make dark colors and especially black look like its ready for the next show and shine ! Check out these tips and be amazed .

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Apr 29, 2012

Car Wash Detailing

Car wash detailing is all about planning ahead. This information on the best way to clean your car will make the process easier on you. Check us out here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Apr 29, 2012

Best Car Polish

The best car polish for you will give you the results you want and will have the form, either solid or liquid, that you prefer. Check us out here in Red Deer, Alberta CA.

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Apr 29, 2012

Free Window Cleaning Tips

We built this page of free window cleaning tips for you because there is nothing more frustrating then trying to get crystal clear glass.

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