Choosing and Applying
Auto Wax

 Auto wax protects your car, but why does it need protection? For starters, the finish on your car is somewhere from 0.004 to 0.006 inches thick. This isn't much of a protective layer. Wax provides extra protection.

Precipitation, wind, sunlight, pollution, bird droppings, and bug residue all besiege your car on an almost daily basis. In time, they're bound to do some damage if you don't take steps to prevent it. Waxing is one of the main ways you can protect your car from all these attacks.

Purchasing a car wax and using it properly are integral to the protection process. If you don't know how to wax a car, the best wax won't do you much good. Here are some methods of selecting and using auto wax . . .

Buying Car Wax

There are many options when you go out to buy a car wax. They're not all the same so you'll have to read the labels. Not every wax makes the same promises, or deliver the same results.

Some waxes are designed to look great but only last a short amount of time. If you love waxing, then these beauty waxes are ideal for you!

If you're still stuck, feel free to ask questions. Make sure that you ask someone knowledgeable about car wax, but once you find them figure out what wax will work best for your car. Anyone who loves cars will be more than happy to give you some great advice on how to take care of yours.

Everyone has a different opinion about which wax is best, and that's ok. Try a product that has been suggested to you. However, don't be afraid to experiment with different waxes to find your own personal favorite.

Waxing Tips

Just as you want to wash your car in a shaded place to avoid water spots, you want to wax your car in a shaded place. Direct sunlight will raise the temperature of your car and could make the wax that you put on more difficult to get off.

Personally I prefer to apply and remove wax in a circular motion. I find I get better coverage and removal that way. There is nothing wrong with applying in a side to side motion, its all about preference.

Avoid coming into contact with plastic/rubber trim and moldings. Wax can leave a white residue behind that is very difficult to remove.

When you remove wax you want to start removing the wax where you put it on first. The reason for this is clear. If you leave the wax on your car for too long then it could prove difficult to remove. If you leave it on too long, it can even damage the exterior of your car.

Choosing the right auto wax is just a matter of reading labels, asking questions and of course trial and error. The actual waxing process is just a matter of knowing how to do it right and how to avoid mistakes that are common to those who never learned how to properly wax a car. These tips will help make buying a wax and waxing your car a pleasant experience.

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