Boat Detailing:
Protect Your Boat

 Boat detailing helps show off your boat at its best. Boats were not meant to sit at a dock somewhere. They were meant to be enjoyed and seen. Your detailing efforts can make your boat the envy of all the other captains.

Boats are subjected to many dangers. The ordinary day to day damage that they can sustain is not the least of these dangers. Dirt, salt, sunlight, and weather can all take their toll on what was once a brand new boat.

The following detailing tips will help you get your boat looking brand new once more. You don't have to go to extremes to achieve this look. You just have to do the basic work of boat detailing.

Boat Soap

You want to get cleaning products made specifically for boats. Car cleaners are not a good substitute. They may cause damage, instead of restoring your boat's natural shine.

You want to do a complete job of scrubbing the surface of your boat to remove all possible dirt and debris. The sponge or mitt you use should be chosen carefully. You want one that is strong enough to do the job of cleaning your boat, but nothing abrasive that will scratch or harm the finish. Follow the instructions that come with your cleaners. When it comes time to rinse your boat, make sure you use freshwater.


Of course, the proper protocol for waxing will depend on how much damage your boat has already sustained. You may be forced to fill in any scratches or repair dents if they are present. This will take more work, but it can be done. The appearance of any boat can be drastically improved if you give it the proper care.

Application of wax to a boat is much like application of wax to a car. First and foremost, read the instructions on the wax you purchase to make sure that you know what to do. There are variations. Aside from that, you want to wax a small section at a time and use circular motions. You also want to remove the wax quickly, so that it doesn't become difficult to remove, and so it doesn't damage your boat's finish.

Boat detailing is just a series of little steps that clean your boat and protect it from further dirt and damage. Your boat is constantly subjected to different substances and circumstances that can wear it down, so make sure you take the proper steps to protect it. Your boat will retain its shine as long as you take care of it.

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