Proper Boat Wax Application

 Boat wax is a necessary part of maintaining any boat. Without it, your boat will show the effects of all the stresses that are placed upon it. With wax, on the other hand, your boat will be protected and will keep looking its best for a long time.

Wax does more than just protect your boat from damaging sunlight. It can save you money on fuel costs. When you keep the hull nice and waxed, it glides more easily through the water, with less friction to slow it down. Less friction means less fuel is burned up as you go.

Knowing how to wax your boat is just as important as knowing how to wax cars Your boat is another investment, and you want to protect that investment. Here are some tips on waxing your boat properly . . .

Wax and Buffer Technique

You want to use a quality liquid cream wax in most cases. You will want to let each section you've waxed dry, then move in with the electric buffer to remove the wax.

You want to make sure that you keep the buffer in motion so it doesn't rest in any one spot too long. If it does, its heat could potentially damage the finish of your boat. You also want to keep the pad of the buffer parallel to the finish. If you turn the buffer to an angle then you risk harming the boat's finish.

You can remove wax by hand, however an orbital polisher will make the process much easier. It will also do a better job.

The Correct Process

You'll want to follow the directions on the wax, but keep the following tips in mind too. If you're washing and waxing your boat on a hot and sunny day, you'll need to wash and dry each section as you go. If you don't, you risk being left with water spots and you may have to begin the whole process again to get better results. While you're at it, you want to clean and polish any metal components to protect them too. For this you'll want a quality metal polish.

Boat wax is much like car wax. It's a necessary step in the protection and upkeep of your boat. Unlike car wax, it can even help to save you on fuel costs because it helps your boat to glide through the water with ease. This is reason enough to wax your boat regularly.


I highly recommend Collinite brand marine products. They are designed to withstand abuse for a long period of time.

The best thing about Collinite is they offer high quality products at a very reasonable price!

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