Car Wash and Wax Tips

 A car wash and wax is a way to show pride in your vehicle. You probably paid a lot of money for your car, so you want to maintain your investment. This increases its perceived value, and its real value.

You know that people notice when you have a shiny, flawless car. It becomes a status symbol, one more reason for people to stop and notice you. Maintaining the appearance of your car makes you feel proud you're the one driving it.

Before you start washing, how does your engine look? This is a perfect opportunity to do an engine detail while you wash your car!

Following are some tips to make your car look its best from washing and waxing it. Making the right choices as you wash and wax your car will help you get the most out of your efforts. You don't want to put a lot of work into your car to achieve only adequate results. Keeping your car in the best possible working condition will help you avoid accidents and keep your auto insurance rates at their lowest possible levels.

Starting Off

You want to begin by thoroughly rinsing your car. This is your first step in removing dirt and debris. This step also reduces the risk of any car wash damage. You don't want to leave dirt and debris on your car when you start washing, because these particles can scratch your paint job. In hot temperatures, make sure your car stays wet or cleaning chemicals could dry on your car. This will affect its appearance and possibly lead to greater problems.

After the Wash

After you've completed your car wash detailing with quality tools that will not harm the paint job, you want to think about using a car polish. A car polish is an abrasive that is designed to help clean your car, and to remove any minor imperfections such as scratches and sun damage. Choose one that's suited to your needs, and then follow the directions that come with the car polish you chose. It's also a good way to prepare for the waxing stage of your car upkeep routine.


Some car polishes are formulated to both clean your car and protect it, so this step may not be necessary. It all depends on the abilities of the car polish you used and your desired results. Some believe that using an actual wax delivers the best results for your car's appearance, but this is up for debate

A car wash and wax can leave any car looking brand new. These tips allow you to get the most out of washing and waxing while avoiding damage to your car. Washing and waxing your car shows that you care how you present yourself and your car to the world.

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