Car Wash Detailing Tricks

 Car wash detailing is one more step to making your car look its best. You can do it yourself or have it professionally done, but either way your car will stand out. People will see the extra work you've put into making your car shine.


Anyone can do a car wash and wax at home or drive through an automatic car wash. However, detailing means something more. It refers to a thorough meticulous cleaning of your cars exterior, engine, door jambs, wheel wells, wheels, and tires.

Automatic car washes are ok in a pinch but they can often miss details. Especially if the exterior is quite dirty, I've experienced that myself. I've run my car through the wash in the winter and tight areas such as wheel wells and mirrors often don't come clean. A well done do it yourself car wash detailing job will miss nothing!

You can pay someone at the local detail shop to do the detailing for you if you choose. Personally I like to do the work on my car myself so I know its done right. However if your town doesn't allow washing at home, you don't have enough space to clean your vehicle, or you simply don't have the time, an "Auto Spa" will do the job you require.

An auto spa is a fancy name for a detail shop, my advice is to ask around first to get an idea of their reputation. When you pick a shop, be specific when describing what you want them to do to your vehicle. Once the work has been completed, check it over to make sure they did everything you asked.

If you do the work yourself, make sure you have a good space to work in. Preferably somewhere out of direct sunlight. Choosing a shady spot to wash your car will reduce the chances of having the water evaporate too quickly.

Quick evaporation can result in water spots, and soap streaks in the glass and paint.

Part of keeping your vehicles appearance immaculate is making sure your wheels/tires are as clean as the rest of the exterior.

I suggest washing your wheels/tires, and wheel wells first before the rest of the vehicle. Why is this? This is because cleaners will often overspray onto the paint surface. Dirt and grime can also land on the paint during the scrubbing of wheels and tires. Not good if you have already washed the exterior!

Its just a way to make the car wash detailing process a little bit easier.

Work on one wheel at a time and allow the cleaner to permeate any dirt or grime. Excessive dirt will mean leaving the cleaner on longer, just don't allow it to dry on the wheels.

That being said, wash mitts, sponges, brushes, etc. used for cleaning wheels/tires/wells should never be used on the vehicles paint. Have a separate wash mitt for the paint and do not use the same wash water used on the wheels. The debris can cause scratching in the paint.

When washing, always wash from the top down. The lower sections of the vehicle tend to be dirtier so its best to allow the dirty water to flow downwards instead of splashing upwards. Wash smarter not harder!

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