Detailing Equipment

 To have a successful business you will need proper detailing equipment. Some of the items will differ depending on the type of detailing business you choose to run.

For example, if you have decided to start a mobile business or work out of your garage, the air compressor won't need to be as big as it would with a high volume detail shop. The same can be said for pressure washers.

When buying a pressure washer, don't go for one that promises the most psi. The higher the psi., the higher the risk of damaging paint, floor mats, etc.

A low pressure, high volume washer is ideal. Unless your business is catered towards detailing greasy highway tractors and other heavy duty equipment.

In my shop, a 1000 psi. electric pressure washer was perfect. No need for big noisy gas or diesel powered washers if you are doing everyday passenger vehicles.

Perhaps your mobile or garage business is only geared towards polishing and waxing. If that is the case, you can ignore the list of interior equipment/supplies and vice versa.

The best tip I have regarding equipment and supplies is to make sure you keep stocked up. Re-order products before they run out. There is nothing worse in this industry than having work lined up and not enough supplies to do the job!

Exterior Equipment

  • electric pressure washer 1000-1200 psi
  • wash buckets (2)
  • grit guards for wash buckets (2)
  • wash mitts or wash brushes (2)
  • wheel cleaning brush
  • micro fiber drying cloths or chamois
  • spray bottles for cleaners

Exterior Cleaners

  • engine degreaser or all purpose cleaner
  • wheel cleaner
  • car wash soap
  • SOS pads for chrome bumpers/exhaust tips

Interior Detailing Equipment

  • hot water extractor
  • detailing brushes
  • spray bottles for cleaners
  • micro fiber detailing cloths
  • air compressor
  • air hose with trigger for vents, hard to reach areas
  • vacuum (shop vac)
  • sponges or cloths for dressing application
  • micro fiber glass cleaning cloths

Interior Cleaners

  • all purpose cleaner or vinyl/leather cleaner
  • upholstery cleaner (pre treatment)
  • upholstery shampoo
  • glass cleaner
  • vinyl dressing (not petroleum based)
  • leather conditioner

Polishing Equipment

  • rotary (circular) polisher
  • random orbit polisher (optional)
  • portable halogen lights
  • masking tape (3m body shop tape)
  • polishing pads (heavy cut, light cut, polishing, finishing)
  • clay bar

Polishing and Wax

  • heavy cut polish
  • medium cut polish
  • finishing polish
  • wax/paint sealant
  • chrome polish
  • clay bar lubricant

Misc. Equipment

  • portable fans for drying upholstery
  • portable heater for drying upholstery
  • extension cords
  • hose for pressure washer and tap
  • shelving/storage cabinets
  • micro fiber cloth cleaner
  • washer/dryer
  • floor squeegee
  • battery charger (you may need it!)

Here you can catch a glimpse of some of our equipment. Our compressor and air hoses to the left. Portable fans to the right of the black Dodge Charger. Extractor, pressure washer, washer and dryer are behind the white Pontiac Sunfire.

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