Free Window Cleaning Tips

 End the frustration of streaky glass with these free window cleaning tips!

First off, finding the best glass cleaner for you may take some trial and error. Once you have found a product you like, the next step is to choose a type of cloth.

The cloth you use is just as important as the cleaner. I shouldn't strictly say cloth, as there are other methods commonly used for drying windows.

Some people prefer to use terry cloths, old tee shirts, paper towels, and even newspaper! I have cleaned windows using each of these methods, personally my favorite tool for drying glass is the microfiber cloth.

A fresh clean microfiber cloth will provide outstanding results in less time. You can buy microfibers made specifically for glass which work extremely well.

There are some common causes for streaky windows. For starters, wiping off window cleaner with a towel that isn't clean will definitely leave a mess behind. Always make sure you are using clean cloths when working on glass.

Cleaning glass in direct sunlight will also leave you with a streaky mess. The heat from the sun will cause the cleaner to evaporate quickly. The residue from the dried cleaner will smear when wiped leaving you with some ugly looking glass!

Working away from direct sunlight gives you a much greater chance of achieving streak free glass. However even in the shade, if its a really hot day you still run the risk of having the cleaner evaporate. On days like that its best to clean the glass in the morning or evening when its cooler.

Have you ever run into a situation where no matter what you do the windows always come out streaky? Your cloths are clean, you are doing everything right but still no luck. Well a very good possibility is you are using a poor quality glass cleaner! Some just don't live up to the hype.

When cleaning auto glass, always start in a corner of the window and finish in a corner. An example is wiping from an upper corner of the glass and finishing on a lower corner. Starting from a corner and working in a side to side motion will ensure the entire surface has been cleaned.

A good tip to check for streaks is work side to side on the interior glass, and up and down on the exterior glass. If there are streaks, they will appear vertical or horizontal depending on which side of the glass they are on.

For really dirty glass you may have to repeat the window cleaning process. Just make sure to use clean cloths!

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