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 Inexpensive detailing promotion. First up is Coupons. These can be placed on your own website and printed off by your customers or you can have them printed up in black and white at a local print shop. The coupon text should have your business name, telephone number, business address, the discount amount (10% off regular price), and a hand written or changeable rubber stamp expiry date.

Ask an independent grocery outlet to place a coupon in the customers shopping bag at each checkout. In return, you could detail the managers vehicle. Run this inexpensive detailing promotion once a month, or once every quarter, its your choice.

How about offering your store front as a location for a youth group or high school car wash (no detailing), to raise money for a school function or a charity. This is great fun for the kids. Their enthusiasm brings in lots of customers. Money is raised for a good cause and it is a great method for promotion of your business.

Do you have a friend or relative that is really difficult to buy for when birthdays, Valentines, Mother or Fathers Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or just any old day that you would like to celebrate comes along?? Well, an Auto Detailing Gift Certificate is a unique and valuable gift for just about everyone and it is yet another method of promotion.

Cross Promotion between auto related businesses that are not competitors, works. Once you are able to determine that a business is as concerned about customer service as you are, then you can exchange business cards and place them at each others place of business in a prominent location. This does work very well at glass shops, muffler shops, auto parts shops, window tinting shops, sign or graphic shops, auto repair shops, upholstery shops, sound shops, and even at car washes that don't offer auto detailing services. Remember, this is an inexpensive detailing promotion and that is exactly what you are looking for.

Placing a free business ad on the local Kijiji website is another great way to promote your business. A short ad with all your business information will inform each Kijiji visitor of your whereabouts and all you have to do is refresh the ad every once in awhile and did I mention that it is FREE. Now isn't that an inexpensive means of promotion...??

If you are able to get permission from building owners and store owners or managers, then place your business cards on bulletin boards at grocery stores, laundromats, office buildings, seniors complexes and sports complexes. Just remember to replenish your supply of business cards once a week because the bulletin boards are usually cleared once a week to keep the postings fresh.

If you can afford booth space at a local trade show, car show, boat or motorcycle show, RV show, or sportsman show, then Go For It. If not, Go Anyway. Mingle with the crowds and when you hear someone talking about cleaning cars, boats, motorcycles, RV's, then offer them a business card. Take lots of cards, this works.

If your city or town offers a newsletter or magazine dedicated to auto, motorcycle, truck, boat or RV. enthusiasts, then offer your services as an EXPERT in an Ask The Expert column of frequently asked questions, tips and tricks. This kind of exposure is great. Do this in exchange for an ad in the magazine. Just another one of those inexpensive detailing promotion ideas.

Try giving away a Door Prize at a car show or a sporting event. Something like an engine shampoo or an exterior wax on a car. This won't cost you any money directly, but it will take up some of your time. This giveaway is in exchange for your business name as an honorable mention or as one of the event sponsors.

Ask your local print shop to make up Paper Floor Mat Protectors. After the detailing job is done, place the paper mat with your business name and phone number and a big Thank You, on the carpet. It is just another way to show your appreciation and to keep the carpet clean for the owner.

When you have an oil change done, the shop puts a sticker that reminds you of the time the next oil change should take place. Have your print shop make up Stickers for the windshield or door post, that reminds your customer of the next time they should have their vehicle detailed.

A print shop will charge for the paper floor mats and the windshield stickers but they will still be a relatively inexpensive detailing promotion.

If you decide to initiate any of these ideas, please remember to respect owners and/or operators rights by Asking and Receiving Permission before you plaster your business promotions on private property.

Please make sure that if you apply some or all of these inexpensive detailing promotion ideas that you are in compliance with all local regional and federal rules and laws. Consult with your business team; your lawyer, accountant, insurance agent or broker, banker, and your personal business mentor.

These ideas listed above, are some of the ideas that we used to promote our business.

If you have any inexpensive detailing promotion ideas that were successful or maybe not, please share them with us and our website visitors. Use the contact us form for your submissions. We would like to start a business promotion ideas page. The authors of all selected submissions for inexpensive detailing promotion ideas, will be duly credited on that page for their submission.

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