Product Safety

 Product safety is what all detailers should consider before beginning any detailing project.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of detailing products available. All purpose cleaners, solvents, soaps, dressings, polishes, waxes, and the list goes on.

Detailing products today are generally much safer to use than they were years ago. With the current environmental concerns in the world, many cleaners are becoming earth friendly.

That being said, you still need to protect yourself. Safety is about avoiding short term and long term health effects.

Wearing latex gloves is a smart habit to get into. Continuous use of cleaners and solvents can and will irritate your skin. They will cause your skin to crack and bleed, allowing for the possibility of infection.

When using solvents for tar removal etc. I strongly recommend using a respirator. They are much more effective than a paper mask. There are many sizes and styles of respirator available so its important to get one that fits you and your needs correctly

A respirator, gloves, and hearing protection is also important when power polishing. Safety isn't always considered when polishing but polishes such as compounds kick up a lot of dust.

If you are working on a paint restoration, there could potentially be dozens of hours of exposure to polishing dust. Waxes also can be harmful if inhaled, a respirator is a wise choice.

Gloves and even safety glasses are important when working with polishes or waxes due to their ability to cause skin and eye irritation.

The bottom line is when working with potentially harmful chemicals, your safety needs to be considered. Gloves, respirators, hearing and eye protection is essential. Investing a few extra dollars on safety gear is well worth protecting yourself against any short or long term effects.

Always make sure to wash any exposed skin thoroughly after any detailing or polishing project.

Here you can see the skin on my hand is dry and starting to crack. This was from using all purpose cleaner to wipe my work boots without wearing gloves. A few minutes was all it took!

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