Spray Wax

 This 2003 Infinity G35 looks stunning with a spray wax applied after a wash.

This is a very handy product that should be in every detailers arsenal. It has two different and important functions. The first one is, regular usage after washing makes the process of washing easier.

By this I mean the next time you wash your vehicle, the dirt and road grime will rinse off the paint with much less effort.

The more debris that comes off with the initial rinse translates into less risk of causing scratches during the actual wash. Not only does spray on wax make washing easier, it also makes drying a vehicle a breeze. The water will bead and roll off the paint leaving a much dryer surface behind. Towel drying will be quick and easy!

The second important function of a spray is it has the ability to give a paste/liquid wax, or paint sealant a boost. Regular washing tends to weaken wax/sealant over time. With all the effort it takes to hand wax a vehicle, why not get the most out of it?

If you have polished and waxed your car recently, spray on wax is a great tool to keep the paint protection alive. It maintains a slick surface and allows your primary wax/sealant to keep doing its job. The longer it can do its job of protecting the paint from uv rays, contaminants, weather, etc. the less often you will have to reapply it. Work smarter not harder!

I should mention, using spray in the place of a true carnauba wax or paint sealant is not ideal. Sure it will provide some protection on its own but the results are temporary. From my experience using these products, they tend to protect the paint for a maximum of 2-3 washes before needing reapplication.

There are many spray on paint protection products available, some last longer than others, so the results will vary! Again, these results are when using a spray as a stand alone form of paint protection.

Using a true hand wax/paint sealant, you can expect anywhere from 1 month to 1 year of protection. Depending on the product, condition of the paint, and the climate. So it really does make sense to use a spray for maintenance purposes only.

When applying a spray, it is important to do so in the shade. In direct sunlight it will evaporate too quickly and cause streaking. Always make sure the paint surface is cool, clean, and dry.

You can apply spray wax 2 ways. One, you can spray directly onto the paint surface. Just make sure the product you are using won't harm plastic/rubber trim. Two, you can spray onto a clean, soft microfiber cloth and wipe it on the paint.

I like to wipe with one cloth, then buff off with a second cloth. This is another way of preventing streaks.

It is very important to buff spray wax off with a soft, clean microfiber cloth to avoid causing scratches in the clear coat.

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