What is a
Waterless Car Wash?

 A waterless car wash sounds like a contradiction in terms. After all, how can you wash a car without water? The truth is, you can wash a car without water. Waterless cleaning products are available for glass, vinyl, seat upholstery, carpeting, painted surfaces, chrome, aluminum, plastic and yes, even rubber tires.

Washing a car the usual way takes a lot of water. For those who are interested and involved in water conservation efforts, using hundreds of liters of water to wash a car seems like a waste. Surely, there has to be a better way to have your car clean and to protect the environment too.

To understand the process, you'll want to know basically how it works. Then you'll want to know of the many benefits that come along with this type of wash. Soon, you'll want to know how you can enjoy the benefits of waterless car washes for yourself.

How do You Wash a Car Without Water?

Basically, you just use cleaning cloths of some sort, and a cleaning product. The cleaning product is applied directly to your car and is then wiped off with the cleaning cloths. After the cleaning product is wiped off, a fresh cloth is used to polish your car until it shines. It's a simple process that eliminates the need for large amounts of water yet, can get your car clean. For additional gloss, the use of a spray wax afterwards will keep your paint feeling slick!

What are the Benefits of a Waterless Wash?

The obvious benefit is that you don't have to use all that water to wash your car. This is a big benefit. You don't have to pay for all the water that is usually necessary to wash your car, and the more frequently you wash your car the bigger the savings will be.

There is no noise created by power washers either. Also, there is no mess of water on the ground after this type of cleaning. At the same time, cleaning chemicals are not washed to the ground to create a chemical mess that would otherwise find its way into the environment.

This form of car wash eliminates water spots that can be found with ordinary washing. It also does more than just clean. It polishes and protects your car in addition to basic cleaning. This can keep your car clean and protected longer.

A waterless car wash sounds like something that should have been put into practice a long time ago. It gives you all the benefits of a traditional car wash and more. The next time you have your car cleaned, make sure you leave out the water. After you have completed the wash, its a good idea to do a windshield treatment to provide greater visibility in the rain and snow.

For an added appearance boost, apply a quality tire dressing and be amazed at the results!

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