Windshield Treatment

 Applying a windshield treatment will assist you greatly when driving in heavy rain, snow, and slush. Have you driven in a rain storm that was so powerful your wipers had a tough time keeping up?

Products like Rain-X, Aquapel, etc. can make situations like heavy rain much easier to deal with. They are designed to provide glass with a protective barrier that repels moisture.

Typically these products come in a 7 ounce bottle and are in the 9-12 dollar range. 7 ounces may not seem like a lot but a single bottle will last for a very long time.

Water repellent products can be found at most auto parts stores, department stores such as Walmart, and various online retailers.

Having a treated windshield before the storm arrives is an added safety measure as it will assist you greatly when it comes to visibility . You still need to use your wipers though!

Pairing the treatment with a good quality set of wiper blades will provide peace of mind whenever the rain strikes.

Applying a commercial treatment is very easy but there are some steps to follow. First, make sure your glass is clean and dry. Apply some product to a microfiber cloth and rub it into the glass in a circular motion.

I prefer using a circular motion because it will ensure optimum coverage. Allow the treatment to dry to a haze then buff it off with a dry cloth.

Make sure to apply the product away from direct sunlight. The heat will make it difficult to wipe off and it will appear streaky.

If you get into a situation where its tough to wipe off, give the glass a light misting of water before you buff. This will make the treatment much easier to remove.

After driving through a number of rain storms or car washes, you will notice the water doesn't slide off the glass as easily as it once did. This is when you know its time to re-apply the treatment.

How often you re-apply depends on how often the glass sees moisture.

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